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Frequently asked Questions

Questions related to our $1400 for 4 wisdom teeth special:

Is this price also for 4 impacted wisdom teeth?

Yes, the price includes any wisdom tooth no matter if it is impacted or not. 

What if I don't want sedation?

The fee would be $1400. This does not include the mandatory $95 exam and panoramic x-ray. See our full fee schedule here. 

Is this offer with or without insurance?

The discounted price is without insurance. We can give you an insurance claim for reimbursement.

Questions related to sedation:

How much is IV sedation?

IV sedation is $300. Nitrous oxide "laughing gas" is $100. See our full fee schedule here.


I am afraid to be "put under", what is IV moderate sedation?

IV moderate sedation is also know as conscious or twilight sleep sedation. You will most likely fall asleep and have little or no memory of the procedure. This is very different from unconscious deep sedation or general anesthesia.

Questions related to payment:

Do you work with insurance?

We do work with PPO plans that have out-of-network benefits.


Do you have payment plans?

We do not have an in-office payment plan but we do accept Care Credit. You can apply through for interest free payments up to 12 months.


Questions related to services:

What services do you provide?

We provide affordable extractions, dentures, and implants. We do not provide general dental care such as fillings, crowns or root canals but will refer you to an excellent dentist for those services. 


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